H20th is a charitable non profit organization!


Happiness is the twentieth and last H. Happiness just means that at H20TH we want to create a fun healthy and most importantly a Happy environment. Laughter and happiness is contagious so we want to have fun and show everyone else how to have fun. H20TH will play Games like softball, football, basketball, and soccer. H20TH will also build parks, playgrounds, and pools etc. We also believe education is a crucial aspect of anyone's happiness if you are not constantly learning new things you stagnate and become unhappy. We want to provide every type of educational opportunity anyone could want scholarships, onsite teachers, onsite classrooms, vocational, etc. The more you learn the more you earn. All the H's put together multiply the helping force exponentially hence H to the 20'TH power, but at its core just the simply most abundant elements on the earth water or H20.