H20th is a charitable non profit organization!

Help Points™

Help Points™ is the twelfth H. Help Points are key piece in how the charity can and will accomplish their ambitious goals. Help Points developed through our founders vision gives H20TH a neat and innovative way to help get volunteers to donate time. Help Points will work just like frequent flier miles you get them for donating money, time, or any other tangible asset to our charity. This concept can be sold and marketed to many other charities who would like to reward their volunteers as H20TH will reward theirs. As corporate sponsors join and help H20TH with money and time we will sign them up to accept Help Points like cash for free items plane trips, food, movies, health care, clothing, computers, software, t.v.'s, etc. Help Points will be as common as frequent flier miles and each time someone signs up or uses them proceeds will go to fund our H20TH charity. H20TH will license this concept to anyone who wants to use the technology and accept and use Help Points. This is a nice easy way to allow people to turn volunteering into a tangible asset especially with people that only really only have time to give to a charity.