H20th is a charitable non profit organization!

Two Thirds of the Earth is Covered in Water, we have the other third

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H to the twentieth power is the newest most complete charity concept embarked upon in the history of the world. Our mission is the help the most people in the most efficient way. We want to help people completely from wherever they are in life to completely self sufficient and self sustaining. Our founder believes that the best most cherished charity giving is the kind where you give from the heart to help people without seeking publicity or any notoriety. Our founder wishes to remain anonymous for this very reason he does not want to start this for any selfish motives whatsoever. This very idea was inspired by the almighty god and through Jesus and his blessing we will become successful. Although this charity was founded and inspired by God this is not a Christian or religious charity only for Christians. This charity will help anyone from any background and does not discriminate nor try to convert anyone to a particular religious viewpoint. Like any great idea this one is only as good as the people who work with and for this new entity. If you feel compelled to help the less fortunate like we felt compelled to help H to the twentieth (H20TH) then please e-mail me or call me to pledge your time and efforts to getting this brand new charity concept off the ground. Like when Jesus found 12 disciples to spread his word we need our 12 disciples or founders to roll up their sleeves and work for the good of mankind. We believe we can sincerely Help Save the World.

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